When it comes to accuracy of Packaging copy text, the adage "Garbage-in Garbage-out" is a good fit. With the designer merely copying and pasting text onto the artwork from word documents and spreadsheets, any errors in text go on to the artwork also. So, it makes business sense to check the inputs and make sure they are received from the correct source.

With proliferation of SKUs through product and market extensions, the copy text management can easily get out of hand. Having a structured way of managing the copy text can save artwork reviewers a lot of proofing time downstream. Besides, the structured content can now be processed by automated proofing tools so that errors can be caught quickly.

Copy Text Manager provides the ability to:

  • Create 'Copy Templates' for easy category wise content collation
  • Add, Edit and Approve artwork content
  • Version control each piece of copy text
  • Manage text in multiple languages
  • Support for standardization of text in multiple languages
  • Route text for approval using flexible workflow processes
  • Compare text content across multiple product SKUs
  • Export approved text content to other systems and applications
  • Import text into Brief Comparison tool to compare Copy text with Artwork PDF


Key Benefits

With Copy Text Manager,

  • Leave the guess work out - be certain what copy text went into which artwork
  • Be consistent across your brands - same text (in English or other language) reads the same way across artworks
  • Do an impact analysis by searching how many artworks have a certain text
  • Reuse content and generate briefs easily and quickly for related product artworks
  • Create ownership within department users for text correctness and accuracy